Classen subsidiary files US patent infringement action against Mohawk Classen accuses Mohawk's IVC company of by-passing obligations.

Akzenta Paneele + Profile GmbH, a subsidiary company of the Classen Group, today filed a patent infringement action against Mohawk Industries’ companies IVC US, Inc. and IVC N.V. (collectively, “IVC”) in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia asserting United States Patent Nos. 7,146,772, 8,544,231, 9,175,475, and 9,695,851.

The complaint alleges that IVC’s line of luxury vinyl tiles, marketed under the brand name Moduleo®, infringes Akzenta’s patents. The complaint further alleges that IVC knowingly infringed Akzenta’s patents, and attempted to obtain a sub-license to Akzenta’s patents to escape liability. The alleged IVC sub-license came from Välinge Innovations AB and Välinge Innovation Belgium BVBA (collectively “Välinge”), and was invalid because, among other things, Välinge did not have the authority to grant a sub-license to IVC. This lawsuit is a necessary step to protect Akzenta’s innovative intellectual property. Akzenta is continuing to investigate IVC’s conduct.